Dr. P. N. Kalla
Director Extension Education, SKRAU
Dr. Mrs. Archna Raj Singh
Vice- President
Associate Professor and Dean, College of Home Science, SKRAU
Dr. B. S. Bhimawat
Vice- President
Professor & Programme Coordinator, KVK
Dr. N. K. Punjabi
Professor and Head, Department of Extension Education, Rajasthan College of Agriculture, MPUAT
Dr. S. K. Sharma
Chief Editor
Dy. Director, Directorate of Extension Education, SKRAU
Dr. Rajeev Bairathi
Associate Professor, Department of Extension Education, MPUAT
Dr. Dhriti Solanki
Executive Editor
Professor & Head, Department of H.Sc. Extension & Com. Magt., College of Home Science
Dr. D. S. Bhati
Joint Secretary
Assistant Professor (Ext. Edn.), KVK, Shriganganagar, SKRAU

Issue 22 Year 2014





1 Learning index of trainers’ training course on watershed management
N. K. Gupta and J. S. Manhas
2 Constraints and suggestions for effective implementation of e-Choupal
Simple Jain
3 Training needs of potato growers towards improved technologies
Vishal Raina, Rakesh Khajuria and Bharat Bhushan
4 A scale to measure attitude of mango orchardists towards eco-friendly management practices of mango
R. P. Mahadik, F. L. Sharma, B. Upadhyay and N. K. Punjabi 

5 Impact of information technology in improving the performance of dairy co-operative societies in Jaipur district of Rajasthan
P. K. Shringi, I. M. Khan and H. L. Verma 

6 Awareness among adolescent girls regarding child care practices in Almora district of Uttarakhand
Dhriti Solanki, Tara Negi and Asha Godawat 

7 Indigenous technological practices followed by wheat growers in Rajasthan
M. L. Meena and Aishwarya Dudi 

8 Improvement in wheat productivity through frontline demonstrations
Ramakant Sharma and P. C. Choudhary
9 Role of extension teaching methods and aids in sustainbility of extension organization and management
S. L. Soni and I. M. Khan
10 Attitude of farmers towards ATMA
Nisha Chouhan, Chitra Henry and S. K. Sharma
11 Utilization of mango peels as a source of phytochemicals in biscuits
Nisha and Vibha Bhatnagar
12 Knowledge and attitude of farmers towards vermi compost technology
Pankaj Lavania and Dileep Kumar
13 Training needs of farmers about improved opium production technology in Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan
K.P.S. Rathore, G. S. Bangarva and Arvind Kumar Jhajharia
14 Sources of information in adoption process of livestock innovations: a case of T&D pig breed in India
Pankaj Seth, Mahesh Chander, Devi Singh Rajput and Rita Kumari
15 Adoption of improved management practices by buffalo owners
R. S. Rathore and R. S. Rathore
16 Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) for sustainable development of rainfed area in Southern Rajasthan- A Case Study
S. K. Sharma, R. K. Sharma and Rajeev Bairathi
17 Constraints analysis of dairy farming in Banswara district
Laxmi Narayan, G. L. Meena and B. Upadhyay
18 Home laundry practices used by rural woman
Sudha Babel, Sangeeta Sharma and Rupali Rajvanshi
19 Study of usefulness and utilization of the Information appeared in Shetkari farm magazine by the reader subscribers
R. L. Kadam and S. D. Patil
20 Nutrient analysis of development iron rich premix and its product
Swati Yadav and Vimla Dunkwal
21 Economics of farming system in South-East Rajasthan
Hari Singh, S. K. Sharma, L. N. Dashora and Dinesh Jajoria
22 Impact of NAIP with special reference to high yielding variety (Raj-3765) in Banswara district of Rajasthan
Santosh Devi Samota and K.L. Dangi
23 Involvement of farm women in dairy cooperative societies
Manju Upadhyay, Navab Singh and Bacchu Singh
24 Impact of krushijivan farm magazine
J. R. Patel and S. S. Shekhawat
25 Procesing strategies to reduce antinutrient contents of chickpea for enhancing mineral bioavalabity
Mani G. Singh, Ila Joshi and Nikita Wadhawan
26 Impact of dairy union on dairy enterpreneurs
Navab Singh, F. L. Sharma and S. R. Verma
27 Constraints and obstacles perceived by mango growers in adoption of scientific 124-133 mango production technology
Karan Singh, S.R. Verma, F. L. Sharma and N. K. Punjabi
28 Nutritional composition and processing of arid fruit ker (Capparis Decidua)
Madhu Goyal, Reema Rathore,Vimla Dunkwal and Anju Bala
29 Impact of short duration training programme on gain in knowledge about horticultural practices
R. L. Soni and Ranjeet Singh
30 Organoleptic evaluation of recipes based on different varieties of maize
Deepika and Shashi Jain
31 Opnion of beneficiary farm women towards self help groups programmes in Ajmer district of Rajasthan
Manju Devi Sivasiya, N. K. Sharma and L. R. Choudhary
32 Opinion towards social advertisements among rural families of Udaipur
Bhavana Jain, Snehlata Maheshwari and Rajshree Upadhyay
33 Entrepreneurial behavior of rural women in dairying
Nishu Kanwar Bhati, Rajshree Upadhyay and Bhupendra Upadhyay
34 Extent of utilization of different information sources by the groundnut cultivators
Hari Narayan Verma, J. P. Yadav and Hanuman Sahay Bunkar
35 Training needs and knowledge level of tomato growers in Jaipur district of 160-163 Rajasthan
Jeewan Ram Jat, Sangram Singh and Hari Singh
36 Development and standrization of animated clippings regarding effective dissemination of rural women
Sunita Verma, Deepali Dhawan, Rajendra Rathore and S.K. Sharma
37 Economics of backyard poultry in tribal area of Dungarpur district in Rajasthan
C. M. Yadav, B. S. Bhimawat, O. P. Pareek and N. R. Meena
38 Knowledge level of farmers about recommended cultivation practices of mungbean in Nagaur district of Rajasthan
Prema Ram Jakhar, G. S. Bangarva and J. R. Jat
39 Extent of adoption of recommended coriander production technology by the farmers
Surendra Kumar, Hanuman Lal and Hanuman Sahay Bunkar
40 Constraints in adoption of improved gram production technology in Rajasthan
R. S. Patodiya and S. K. Sharma
41 Indigenous post-harvest management of wheat crop among Kumaon region farm families
Tara Negi and Dhriti Solanki
42 Constraint faced by the farmers in adoption of improved technologies of sesame crop in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan
Hari Singh and Jeewan Ram Jat
43 Constraints faced by elected representatives and government officials of panchayati raj institutions
M. K. Jangid, Sangram Singh and Shivpal Kumhar
44 Strategies to make SHGs instrumental for social change among rural women of Rajasthan
Seema Tyagi and Aditi Mathur
45 Study of usefulness and critical analysis of illustrations appeared in Shetkari 200-202 farm magazine
S. D. Patil and R. L. Kadam
46 Knowledge and adoption level of clusterbean technology in Western Rajasthan
P. Singh, K. C. Sharma and Deepak Chaturvedi
47 Adoption of beneficiary farmers as compared to non-beneficiary farmers about 207-210 recommended bajra production technology S. S. Bana, N. K. Sharma, B. S. Badhala and Ramdhan Ghaswa
48 Development of scale to measure attitude of Extension personnel about information and Communication technology application in Agriculture
S. R. Verma, F. L. Sharma, N. K. Panjabi and R. K. Bairwa