Dr. P. N. Kalla
Director Extension Education, SKRAU
Dr. Mrs. Archna Raj Singh
Vice- President
Associate Professor and Dean, College of Home Science, SKRAU
Dr. B. S. Bhimawat
Vice- President
Professor & Programme Coordinator, KVK
Dr. N. K. Punjabi
Professor and Head, Department of Extension Education, Rajasthan College of Agriculture, MPUAT
Dr. S. K. Sharma
Chief Editor
Dy. Director, Directorate of Extension Education, SKRAU
Dr. Rajeev Bairathi
Associate Professor, Department of Extension Education, MPUAT
Dr. Dhriti Solanki
Executive Editor
Professor & Head, Department of H.Sc. Extension & Com. Magt., College of Home Science
Dr. D. S. Bhati
Joint Secretary
Assistant Professor (Ext. Edn.), KVK, Shriganganagar, SKRAU

Issue 21 Year 2013





1 Problems faced by vegetable growers in using pesticides in Murshidabad district of West Bangal
Hiralal Jana
2 Major portfolios and constraints in microfinance through RRB’s in Udaipur district of Rajasthan
Trilok Chand Mahar, S.S. Burark, N.K. Punjabi and G. L. Meena
3 Adoption of improved production technology of rabi crops in arid Zone
Bhagwan Singh
4 Farmer’s knowledge and correlates of oilseed production technology
P. M. Mandavkar, M. S.Talathi, R. P. Mahadik and P. A. Sawant
5 Knowledge of farm families about Agricultural Technology Information Centre ATIC) in Udham Singh Nagar district
Manisha Pandey and Dhriti Solanki
6 Knowledge and adoption of sprinkler irrigation system by the farmers of Banaskantha district of North Gujarat
Akshaya Ghintala and Kishan Singh
7 Productivity enhancement of wheat through front line demonstrations in hilly areas – A study in Uttarkashi district of Uttarkhand
N.A. Vijay Avinashilingam
8 Impact of recommended technology in cowpea cultivation in sikar district of Zone II- a of Rajasthan
B. L. Sharma and R. N. Sharma
9 Status of farm schools in North East states
P. K. Neog, D. Bortamuly, P. Das and B. L. Khuhly
10 Information processing behaviour of dairy farmers of Jammu region
J. S. Manhas, N. Ahmed, Q. J. A. Peer and Praveen Kumar
11 Participation of woman gram panchayat members in village development
P. A. Sawant, R. P. Mahadik and M. B. Nikam
12 Problems faced by organic farmers in hilly areas of Udhampur district in Jammu region
P. S. Slathia, Parveen Kumar, Narendra Paul and Lyaqat Ali
13 Frontline demonstration : An effective communication approach for dissemination of sustainable cotton production technology
M. M. Patel, Arvind Kumar Jhajharia, B. S. Khadda and L. M. Patil
14 Farming system based bottlenecks in Kandi area of Jammu region
Parveen Kumar, Lyaqat Ali and P. S. Slathia
15 Impact of front line demonstration on yield and economics of gram in Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh
Ishwar Singh
16 Knowledge of farm women in cultivation and postharvest practices of Ber (Ziziphus mauritana) in Bharatpur district
Nidhi Dubey, Dhriti Solanki and Tara Negi
17 Impact of farmers friends (Krishk Mitras) training on different aspects of agriculture
S. R. Kumawat and D. S. Bhati
18 Economic study of family sized solid state Deenbandhu biogas plants for state of Rajasthan.
Nikita Wadhawan
19 Factors affecting farmers’ attitude towards indigenous water harvesting practices in Bikaner district of Rajasthan
H. R. Pannu, J. P. Lakhera, J. P. Yadav and K. C. Jeengar
20 Future prospects of drip irrigation system
Narpat Singh, K. L. Dangi R. K. Bairwa and Santosh Devi Samota
21 Popularization of improved black gram production technology through front line demonstration in Humid Southern Plain of Rajasthan
R. K. Bairwa, S. R. Verma, K. Chayal and N. L. Meena
22 Contact behaviour of the ber growers to different extension functionaries in Jaipur district of Rajasthan
B. L. Dhayal, I. M. Khan, M. K. Jangid and S. Kumhar
23 Adoption gap and constraints in adoption of improved mustard production technology in semi arid region of rajasthan
B. L. Asiwal, Sangram Singh and N. K. Sharma
24 Fertilizer use behaviour of cotton growers
Prem Kumar Bhambhoo, F. L. Sharma and N. K. Punjabi
25 Nutritional knowledge of doctors of Udaipur city
Mamta Singh, Aarti Sankhla, Vimla Dunkwal and Swati Yadav
26 Prevalence of reproductive disorder and feeding pattern for dairy animals in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan
C. M. Yadav, K. C. Nagar, O.P. Pareek and Suchitra Dadheech
27 Constraints causing serious concern to rice growers in Banswara district of Rajasthan
R. C. Verma, F. L. Sharma, Lalita Rawal and H. K. Jain
28 Pattern of dairy input procurement, output disposal and feeding in tribal region of Udaipur district of Rajasthan.
G. L. Meena, H. S. Besarwal and Hemant Sharma
29 Existing knowledge level of rural women regarding pre and post-nental care
Sunita Verma, Deepali Dhawan, Rajendra Rathore and Archana Raj Singh
30 Knowledge level of dairy cooperative members and non members about improved animal husbandry practices
Shivpal Kumhar, Sangram Singh, M. K. Jangid and B. L. Dhayal
31 Dissimination of improved technology of mustard through frontline demonstrations
Rajeev Bairathi, A. K. Verma and R. S. Patodiya
32 Communication linkage mechanisms used by extension personnel for transfer of technology to farmers in Rajasthan
R. N. Sharma, S. K. Sharma and B. L. Sharma
33 Constraints faced by farm women in adoption of improved cattle management practices in arid Rajasthan
Meenakshi Chaudhary, P. Singh and K. C. Sharma
34 Impact of cell phone enabled information services in the knowledge upgradation of farmer about improved crop production techniques
S. R. Verma, R. K. Bairwa, F. L. Sharma and Deepa Indoriya
35 Occupational health hazards faced by the flour mill workers
Sudha Babel and Rupali Rajvanshi
36 On farm trial : Effect of recommended dose of fertilizer application in groundnut (Arachis Hypogeae)
P. C. Chaplot and I. J. Mathur
37 Knowledge of improved production technologies of pulses by the farmers in Rajsamand district
R. S. Patodiya, B.L. Meena and Rajeev Bairathi
38 Reaction of tribal farmers towards goat farming under NAIP – III
R. L. Soni, S. K. Intodia and Ranjit Singh
39 Knowledge of farmers about improved rabi maize production technology in Banswara district of Rajasthan
Jogendra Singh and R. S. Rathore
40 Constraints faced by the museum functionaries to control museum environment
Manisha Choudhary, Sudha Babel and B. S. Bhimawat
41 Knowledge level of farmers according to their personal attributes under FLDs regarding soybean production technologies
Pravesh Singh Chauhan, L. S. Bareth, Yogita Ranawat and Nanchhu Ram Meena
42 Construction and validation of a scale on coping strategies for aged
Shabnam Ansari and Renu Dhakar
43 Knowledge and adoption of animal husbandry practicles among the farmer of Sikar district of Rajasthan
Juned Akhter, B. L. Asiwal and Akhter Hussain
44 Transfer of technology of cumin cultivation in Sirohi district of Rajasthan
Dileep Kumar, S. K. Agarwal and Pankaj Lawania
45 Participation of rural women in stitching
Santosh Jhajharia, D. Dhawan, Arvind Kumar Jhajharia and Rajeev Bairathi
46 Knowledge about different aspects of recommended guava production technologies in Bundi district of Rajasthan
G. S. Bangarva, B. L. Meena, Arvind Kumar Jhajharia and Santosh Jhajharia
47 Strategy for land utilization pattern according to socio-economic charactertistics by the rice growing farmers of Raipur district
Arvind Kumar Jhajharia, J D Sarkar and Santosh Jhajharia
48 Impact assessment study in cumin crop in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan
Hari Singh and Jeewan Ram Jat